Why Change to Synthetic?

Conventional oil is simply refined crude oil. Synthetic oil, however, is not only refined, but it is also distilled, purified, and broken down into its basic molecules. It is then rebuilt and added to, so that it can better protect against wear, high heat, cold weather and sludge buildup. Ultimately, this process helps your car’s engine run better for longer.

When To Change Your Oil

Most vehicle manufacturers recommend changing the oil 4 times per year or every 3,000 miles in passenger car and light truck gasoline and diesel engines. 

If you read the fine print, however, you’ll discover that the 4 times a year, 3,000 mile oil change is for vehicles that are driven under ideal circumstances. What most of us think of as “normal” driving is actually “severe service” driving. This includes frequent short trips (less than 10 miles, especially during cold weather), stop-and-go city traffic driving, driving in dusty conditions (gravel roads, etc.), and driving at sustained highway speeds during hot weather. For this type of driving, which is actually “severe service: driving, the recommendation is to change the oil every 3,000 miles or 3 months.

For maximum protection, most oil companies say to change the oil every 3,000 miles or three to six months regardless of what type of driving you do.

A new engine with little or no wear can probably get by on 5,000 mile oil changes. But as an engine accumulates miles, blowby increases. This dumps more unburned fuel into the crankcase which dilutes the oil. This causes the oil to break down. So if the oil isn’t changed often enough, you can end up with accelerated wear and all the engine problems that come with it (loss of performance and fuel economy, and increased emissions and oil consumption).

Oil changes come with a free car wash, washer fluid and more!  Scroll for more details.

Oil - Cam2

Premium $32.99 plus tax

  • Up To 5 Quarts
  • $4.50ea Additional Quart
  • Bulk Oil Only

Oil - Castrol GTX

Castrol GTX $37.99 plus tax

  • Up To 5 Quarts
  • $6.00ea Additional Quart

TriShield™ is a unique triple-action technology that attracts, captures and disperses particles that can build up in engines and cause deposits. TriShield stops small particles from becoming big problems, and protects the car you rely on. This innovative technology uses a polymer that contains two chemical hooks that attract and capture both sludge and soot in a single molecule, helping to prevent particles from building up. With TriShield Technology, Castrol has improved the potency and protection that GTX provides.

Benefits of Castrol GTX:

  • Unique TriShield™ technology actively protects against particles that build up in car engines with the most advanced deposit-fighting ingredients
  • Castrol GTX uses premium, custom-made additives and is the most advanced conventional oil available
  • Ultra-low friction improves gas mileage**
  • Maximum protection against viscosity and thermal breakdown

Oil - Castrol GTX High Mileage

Castrol GTX High Mileage $46.99 plus tax

  • Up To 5 Quarts
  • $6.00ea Additional Quart

Conventional oils may not do enough to protect high-mileage vehicles. As the miles add up, Castrol® GTX® High Mileage helps extend engine life by addressing the key problems that may impact your vehicle. As an engine gets older, gaskets become brittle, seals deteriorate and oil burns faster. Castrol GTX High Mileage with TriShield™ Technology helps extend engine life by providing superior protection against deposit build up.*

Benefits of Castrol GTX High Mileage:

  • Superior detergency that fights deposit buildup*
  • Superior oil burn-off protection versus leading conventional oils†
  • Seal conditioners to help reduce leaks
  • Advanced additives that minimize engine wear

CASTROL GTX SYNBLEND $48.99 plus tax

  • Up To 5 Quarts
  • $6.00ea Additional Quart

CASTROL® GTX® SYNBLEND™ is a premium synthetic blend motor oil specially engineered with TriShield™ Technology to provide maximum wear protection. TriShield™ actively protects against particles that build up in car engines with the most advanced deposit-fighting ingredients.
Modern engine technology is focused on getting more power out of smaller engines. This results in more heat and stress on key engine components, which can make newer engines more vulnerable to deposits and wear. GTX SynBlend cools critical engine parts providing a superior level of protection against wear and oil burn-off.

Benefits of Castrol GTX:

  • Unsurpassed protection against engine wear and harmful deposits
  • A higher level of thermal stability vs. conventional oils
  • Maximum viscosity and oil burn-off protection
  • Castrol GTX SynBlend now meets dexos™ performance requirements[2] and is available in a 0W-20 grade.

Oil - Ford Synthetic Blend

Ford Motorcraft Synthetic Blend $48.99 plus tax

  • Up To 5 Quarts
  • $6.00ea Additional Quart

Oil - Castrol Edge

Castrol Edge Full Synthetic $60.99 plus tax

  • Up To 5 Quarts
  • $8.50ea Additional Quart

In an extreme test of power, we won.

Castrol has a reason to celebrate. In an extreme test of maximum torque and power, Castrol® EDGE® outperformed Mobil 1, proving to be stronger for longer.
Castrol® EDGE® with SYNTEC® Power Technology, formerly known as SYNTEC, provides superior protection to enable engines to operate efficiently at maximum power.

Oil - Mobil 1

Mobil 1 Full Synthetic $60.99 plus tax

  • Up To 5 Quarts
  • $8.50ea Additional Quart

The world’s leading synthetic motor oil brand, Mobil 1™ is an advanced full synthetic motor oil family that provides performance beyond conventional motor oils. Mobil 1 synthetic oils meet or exceed the toughest standards of Japanese, European and U.S. car builders and provides exceptional protection against engine wear, under normal or even extreme conditions.

Castrol Edge Titanium $70.99 plus tax

  • Up To 5 Quarts
  • $9.50ea Additional Quart

Castrol® EDGE® with Titanium™ Fluid Strength Technology is the strongest oil ever engineered by Castrol, designed to perform in even the most extreme conditions.

Oil - Summary

Oil Changes Include

  • FREE Car Wash
  • Oil & Filter*
  • All Fluids Checked For Proper Levels & Wear**
  • Air Filter & Tire Pressure Checked***
  • Washer Fluid
  • Chassis & Door Hinges Lubricated


*Maximum of 5 Quarts – Some Oil Filters Vary In Price
**Transmission Fluid, Differential Fluid, Brake Fluid, Power Steering Fluid, Coolant Reservoir, Windshield Washer Fluid – no more than 1 pint added
***To maintain proper fuel economy all air filters and tire pressure should be checked and adjusted or replaced as needed.
Our technicians may recommend additional services during inspection, please refer to our preventive car care menu
$5.00 Additional for vehicles with under engine guard