Rewards Program

Earn Rewards every time you visit!

When you become a member, Recieve 10 Reward Points for every dollar spent on:

  • Car Washes
  • Detailing
  • Oil Changes

One of the best ways to protect your investment is to maintain it frequently. Our rewards program is a great way for you to save while keeping your car’s maintenance current.

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Car Washes

Private Wash 800 Points
Corporal Wash 1300 Points
Sergeant Wash 1600 Points
Major Wash 1900 Points
Colonel Wash Package 3500 Points
General Wash Package 4600 Points
Commander & Chief Wash Package 5500 Points

Full Service Oil Changes

Premium Oil Change 3300 Points
Premium Oil & Tire Rotation 4800 Points
GTX Oil Change 3800 Points
GTX High Milage Oil Change 4700 Points
GTX SynBlend Oil Change 4900 Points
Motor Craft Oil Change 4900 Points
Castrol Edge Black Oil Change 6100 Points
Mobil 1 Oil Change 6100 Points
Castrol Edge GOLD Oil Change 7100 Points

Transmission Services

CVT Automatic Service 12000 Points
Manual Transmission Service 4500 Points

Preventative Maintenance Services

Tranfer Case Service 4500 Points
Differential Service 4500 Points
Fuel Injection / Emission System Cleaning 8000 Points
Radiator drain & Fill 8000 Points
Interior Engine Clean 7400 Points
Power Steering Fluid Exchange Service 5700 points
Tire Rotation 2200 Points
Tire Balance (Per Tire) 800 Point

Professional Detailing




Exterior Detail 9000 Points  10000 Points
Interior Detail 9000 Points  10000 Points
Complete Detail 15000 Points  17500 Points
Simonize 365 14500 Points  17500 Points
Paint Sealant 5000 Points  7000 Points
Heavy Compound 12500 Points  
Odor Eliminator 3500 Points  5500 Points
Engine Clean 3000 Points  
Carpet Shampoo 3500 Points 5500 Points